JBrowse Genome Browser


HelpThe JBrowse genome browser allows you to visually explore genomes and their associated large-scale datasets. JBrowse is a widely used application that is fast, intuitive, and compatible with most web browsers. The lookup table for chromosome name to NCBI sequence accession ID is available here

Description and source of tracks

Genome assemblies and annotations

Genomic Variants

  • Phylos - SNPs generated by RevGenomics from the Phylos samples CC-BY-4.0
  • SCU reanalysis
    • SNPs, Indels SnpEff - variant effects to the genes using the SNPEff software, displayed using the varianteffect JBrowse plugin. The features are color coded with: Green - Synonymous, Purple - NonSynonymous, Red - Truncation/Stop gained, Blue - Intron/other.
    • SNPs Samples - SNPs for all samples in the dataset displayed using multivariantviewer JBrowse plugin. Color code: Gray - Reference Homozygous, Red - Alternative Homozygous, Yellow - Heterozygous, White - Missing
    • SNPs datasets were generated from raw read sequences described in detail in the Genotype Viewer page