• The International Cannabis Genome Research Consortium was formed in January 2020, with a meeting held in San Diego, CA. It emerged from the community of researchers who since 2018 have participated in the Cannabis workshops at the annual international Plant Animal Genome conference.  
    • With a changing legal framework in many legislatures around the world, there has been increased interest in the underlying genetic resources, genomics and associated information as it affects the domestication of Cannabis and increase in hemp, hempseed and medicinal cannabis production.
    • The ICGRC aims to provide an authoritative source of rigorous and peer-reviewed scientific information relating to Cannabis genetics, genomics and phenotyping. The scope of activities will encompass
      • Information and data sharing
      • establishing standards and reference information
      • facilitating the unambiguous description and characterisation of genetic resources
      • contributions to consistent annotation of gene identity and function
      • describing common genetic resources and where necessary, virtual gene-banks.
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